NEURONET | Company Overview

Company Overview


First start-up March 2002
Second start-up January 2010
Head Office
Daimasu Naruse bldg. 2F, 5-1-6, Minaminaruse, Machida-city Tokyo, 194-0045, Japan

425 Broadway Street Redwood City, CA 94063 USA
(Japan) +81-42-785-4737   (USA) 1-650-649-8174
  • Web Conferencing and Collaboration SaaS service “SaasBoard” provider
  • Pay-by-the-hour web meeting room “SaasRoom” service provider
  • Visual contact center system cloud service “MoshiMoshiConcierge” provider
  • Paperless tablet system cloud service “Papaar” provider
  • Web wedding internet service “Smart Wedding” service provider
  • Real-time online Web Academy service provider
  • Business startup consulting
  • IT system consulting
Company Policy
“Pioneer spirits”
1. For the Customer
2. Quick Action
3. Flexibility
Company History
Y2017 – “Moshi Moshi Interactive” received a prize of excellence at the 29th small- and medium-sized enterprises new technology and new product award
– “Moshi Moshi Interactive” ver4.0 Released
– Free Web meeting and interview solution “” Released
Y2016 – Received Going-global Innovations Competition The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Venture Technology Special prize
– Selected as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Trial Order System
– Selected as the Machida city Trial Order System
– “Moshi Moshi Interactive” ver2.9 Released
Y2015 – Received ASP/SaaS Cloud Award from ASPIC (ASP-SaaS-Cloud Consortium)
– “Moshi Moshi Interactive” ver2.0 Released
– SaasBoard ver5.5 Released
Y2014 – Start up US office
– VoLTE solution “Voisaar” ver1.0 Released
Y2013 – SaasBoard ver5.4 Released
– Paperless tablet system cloud service “Papaar” ver1.0 Released
– Friends, Colleagues, Family all messages gift solution “Caqico” ver1.0 Released
– The 10th Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ) Alliance Award Winning
– SaasBoard/SP Ver1.3.1 released
Y2012 – SaasBoard ver5.0 Released
– Visual contact center system Cloud service “MoshiMoshiConcierge” ver1.0 Released
– ASP/SaaS Cloud Award win from ASPIC (ASP-SaaS-Cloud Consortium)
– Selected as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Trial Order System
– Moved office to Machida-city, Tokyo Pref. Y2011 – SaasBoard ver4.0 Released
– SaasBoard ver3.0 Released
– WebBoard ver3.0 Released
– SaasBoard Lite series Released
– Recognition from the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center
– Good Product Award for Smaller Businesses’ Excellent Innovative Technology & Products from Risona Smaller Businesses Promotion Foundation & THE NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN
Y2010 – SaasBoard/Collabo, SaasBoard/Room series released
– Pay-by-the-hour web meeting room “SaasRoom” released
– SaasBoard Appliance Server released
– Received the encouraging prize of the 7th Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ) Alliance Award
– SaasBoard won the Chairman’s Award of “Conference for Information Technology Promotion Month” on October 1, 2010.
Y2009 – SaasBoard ver2.0 Released
– Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) DICOMO Award Winning, Noguchi Award Winning
Y2008 – SaasBoard ver1.0 Released
– Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program) authorization
Y2006 – Venture Business Startup consultation started
Y2005 – Software Development started
Y2002 – ERP Consultation started
Acknowledgment, Affiliation
  • Registered Telecommunications Carrier of Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications at Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Registration Number A-22-11274
  • The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Computer Software Association of Japan (CSAJ)
Privacy Mark
Registered Japan Privacy Mark NO.22000133 by IPA