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Web Meeting System SaasBoard
Anyone can use this web meeting SaaS service anytime, anywhere.
SaasBoard has the security features fully. It supports multi-OS and multi-browser.
We offer courses tailored to your every business, such as a user license type, a conference room license type, a time rental type.
Our SaasBoard has been awarded by the Japanese government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, public corporations, and various organizations.
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Consumer Web Meeting System, Moshi Moshi Interactive
This consumer web meeting system, Moshi Moshi Interactive, enables you to connect with your customers immediately.
Just setting a call button on your web site, and your potential customers can contact directly your staff who is in charge.
You can get new customers with “easier”, “more real”, and “more reliable” this face-to-face web customer service than traditional means of communication such as telephone, email, text chat, and web meeting.
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Combination chat moving smoothly from text to voice, Moshi Moshi Chat
Moshi Moshi Chat is a chat tool that let you gain new customers from your web site.
This tool enables you to communicate your customer faster than a phone, easier and smoother than e-mail and various social media.
Moshi Moshi Chat makes your customer’s buying process more smoothly and improves the conversion rate from your website by our unique shared form (patent-pending) that can be edited by both customers and operators.
With many functions such as automatic connect to an optimal operator, sharing functions, and micro CRM, your business efficiency is also improved.
Schreen sharable interviewing system without face to face meeting,
A intervew system without face to face meeting,, allows long-distance pair of people, such as HR interviewers and applicants, sales representatives and their customers, doctors or medical personnel and their patients to have audio conversations on the Internet (patent-pending).
This system is an ideal service for remote personnel interviews, remote sales, inside sales, and telemedicine. You don’t need to install software because it’s a cloud application. AI supports their interviewer, and call center operations.
Pay-by-the-hour web meting room, SaasRoom
SaasRoom is a lending service of web meeting rooms by the hour for connecting locations beyond the distance.
You can rent the web rental meeting room on an hourly needed basis. Participants can be invited by e-mail, so anyone can participate without creating a new ID for the meeting.
SaasRoom realizes remote meetings inside and outside the company, remote seminars (meeting rooms for 100 people are provided), and also online reunions to talk with friends in remote locations.
SaasRoom has won numerous awards, including awards from the Japanese government.
Paperless Document Presentation System, Papaar
Papaar realizes paperless meeting that 100 people can talk at the same time and share materials and images on not only PC but also smartphones and tablets.
With Papaar, you can share almost every files on your computer, such as Power Point, PDF, and images, and so on. In other words, this is a document shareable web meeting system between smartphones or tablets.
Of course, you can also have a meeting between your PC and your smartphone. papaar supports iPad/iPhone and android major models.
Papaar for smartphones has almost the same functions as for PCs. You don’t need to carry your laptop with you anymore.
Transceiver via a smartphone, Voisaar
Voisaar is a web transceiver that enables real-time communication freely via video and audio on the Internet with your smartphone.
This system can realize two-way voice communication between multiple members readily with common smartphones and the Internet. Voissar has various functions such as press-to-talk system, two-way continuous communication, multipoint continuous communication in the same group.
A message board on the web, Caqico
Caqico is a service to make a message board on the internet. You can make a Caqico message board easily like scribbling on a real white board.
It is perfect for making message boards when wedding celebrations, graduations, transfers, celebrations, etc.
Caqico is Saas so does not need any software, so you can edit directly the Caqico’s infinity message board on the Internet. Just access the Internet you can write the message on Caqico from anywhere in the world.
Remote Wedding attending System, Smart Wedding
Smart Wedding is a remote wedding attending system. This system can realize that friends or grandparents live remotely or those who cannot go out because of childcare and nursing care, and so on attend a wedding.
You can participate in the wedding and reception with your smartphone. Participation the wedding with Smart Wedding is sort of an “online wedding” that connects people beyond the distance!
It can also be used for restaurant weddings, home weddings, and overseas weddings that only the couple attend. Smart Wedding helps to minimize the reception cost.